Florida Appellate Attorney Dale Carson Unafraid to Challenge Unjust Verdicts and Decisions

You need an experienced and fearless Florida appellate attorney to handle your case when you have to fight an unjust verdict or decision in the court of appeals.  Appealing a court decision means challenging the legality of the decision or the process that led to it.  Success depends on thorough preparation and experience in handling an appeals case.  Florida criminal lawyer Dale Carson and his team are not afraid to challenge the legality of court decisions that threaten the rights of defendants.  Their strong track record for success is founded on diligent preparation and a thorough understanding of Florida law and the appeals process.

If you think a court decision or verdict against you may violate Florida law and your rights, contact Florida appellate attorney Dale Carson today at 904-355-6777.  Your initial consultation is free.

Florida Appellate Attorney Warns that Not All Verdicts & Decisions can be Appealed

Not every case will be heard by the court of appeals.  In order for a case to be appealed, the court must have failed to follow the law in some way as part of reaching a legal or sentencing decision.  You cannot appeal a court decision simply because you did not like the outcome.  Also, if you pleaded guilty or ‘no contest,” you cannot appeal your case unless the sentence you received was not legal.

When filing your appeal, your attorney must inform the court of appeals of exactly how the judge in your case did not follow the law or how you were denied your rights under Florida law.  If the appellate court judges do not see that the law was not followed or that your rights were violated, they will refuse to hear your case.  That is why it is important to have an appellate lawyer who can properly prepare your case and can identify legal errors and rights violations in your case.  Florida criminal lawyer Dale Carson and his team have extensive experience in this arena and a remarkable record for success.

Receive Free Consultation from Florida Appellate Attorney Dale Carson about the Potential for Appealing Your Case

If you think your case is eligible for appeal, Florida criminal lawyer Dale Carson or a member of his team will be happy to meet with you and discuss your case.  There is no charge for this initial consultation.  Find out if the court of appeals is likely to hear your case and what you may be able to gain from a successful appeal.  To schedule a complimentary consultation with a Florida appellate attorney go to our Complimentary Consults page.

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