Jacksonville, FL —  Dale Carson Law opened in 2002, and is a criminal and civil trial law firm representing clients in Jacksonville and throughout the North Florida region.

With nearly four decades of FBI, Police, SWAT, private investigation, teaching, family law and defense attorney experience at trial, Dale Carson Law has an impressive wealth of talent within its law team. Each player adds up to a team of some of the most qualified attorneys in the SE USA for client defense, covering many areas of Criminal and Civil law. Together, the team has been unstoppable, handling a wide range of cases approved to practice before every state court in Florida, as well as the Federal District Court, Middle District of Florida.

The firm’s aggressive reputation comes from their no-nonsense approach as a determined and experienced firm that can go the distance and one that never shies away from taking a case to trial.

Clients often remark about the differences experienced in the Dale Carson Law office. For one thing, it is a welcoming place, with an inviting, not imposing, atmosphere. The comfort of the client is paramount as strategies are formulated toward building a successful defense. This is no easy feat, as a visit to an attorney’s office is oftentimes a person’s first introduction to the legal system and they are in the midst of difficult, stressful circumstances.

“I enjoy the opportunity to create an atmosphere of calm, especially for those who are visiting with us for the first time. It gives me a chance to look over their case and give them a fair and honest evaluation of where they stand within the legal system. Then it’s usually off to work on the case, building our defense strategy with the best outcomes in mind,” Owner and Founder Dale C. Carson said.

Dale Carson Law is one of the few firms who still offer a complimentary initial consultation. The free consultation, though rare in the industry today, is one Carson believes in. “This way, we aren’t taking advantage of would-be clients in a dire situation. We want them to be free to make a thoughtful and correct decision about who will represent them best in the months to come. If I were in their shoes, I’d appreciate that, so I offer it to them,” he said.

Very few firms in the Southeast USA can match Dale Carson Law in other areas as well: the depth of experience that Dale Carson Law brings to a wide range of fields which impact the law and criminal cases is rare. “In addition to our education, we have a broad range of training and practical life experience – so, we’ve seen it, we’ve done it, and we have the tee shirt,” Carson explained with a laugh.

The wide range of legal support his team can give his clients is second to none. “This experience gleaned from maturing through years of work in related fields allows the firm to empathize with our clients to a higher degree – and on many more levels – and this is critical for good outcomes,” Carson explained.

Dale Carson Law has successfully handled Criminal Defense and Civil matters in a wide range of practice areas, including but not limited to:

An overwhelming amount- nearly 95% – of Dale Carson Law’s business is referral generated. “The list of what types of legal issues and cases we cover in our firm is a long one, because once we work with a client, we often receive referrals from them for their extended families and friends, if and when these friends and family members might also need a defense. In addition, we find we are asked by past clients to help them with any and all of their future legal needs as they come up, which we are happy to do for them. So, the list of our practice areas is a long one, spanning both Criminal and Civil cases, but it is also a very satisfying one.” Carson explained.

For excellence in experienced representation and client rights, it’s Dale Carson Law. For more information, and to make an appointment, please visit the Dale Carson Law website at: www.DaleCarsonLaw.com

You may also contact Dale Carson Law at 904 355 6777.  Dale Carson Law is located in downtown Jacksonville, in the Blackstone Building, 233 East Bay Street, Suite 1101, Jacksonville, FL 32202.