Television News telecasts featuring an attorney at Dale Carson Law as an expert spokesperson on select criminal cases in the news:

Bell Shooting: DCF tipped of about guns in home

Jury Selection in Michael Dunn Retrial

Small Possibility Dunn Could Go Free

Bell Shooting:  Best Friend call Sarah Spririt a good mom

Dunn Jury retrial pool goes from 140 to 66 potential jurors

Wanted Sex Offender pleasured himself at yoga class

Cell Phone Search Rules

Burglary suspect detained by victims later dies at hospital

Murder suspect gave fake address as sex offender

Neighbors Filming Neighbors

Judge holds off on “stand your ground” ruling in Marissa Alexander case

Action News recreates Michael Dunn shooting

Untraceable guns growing in popularity

Jacksonville man won’t face charges for rape – despite DNA match

Sailor sex trafficking charge

Dunn Trial: Dale Carson answers more viewer questions

Dunn Trial: Dale Carson suggest jury hung up on threat

June 20, 2013 Folio Weekly, featuring our own Shannon Padgett on the cover,5556

Fraud guilty plea connected to killing? Feds say David Dinsbeer defrauded Bubba Burgers of $904,000 with help of its vice president, Richard Hollis

JIA increases police presence after LAX shooting.  Airport police in constant contact with federal investigators Friday

JSO sponsoring controversial gun buyback

Hinson Defense looking into evidence

Is property owner liable in fatal beating?

The TakeAway with John Hockenberry.  Discussion of the George Zimmerman trial

CEO accused of ‘bootleggling’ alcohol

20/20 story “2008 Caught on Tape, Part 3″ Under ‘Top Videos” on ABC News Web Page