Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer Says,
“If Arrested, Don’t Talk to Cops
without a Lawyer!”

If you are arrested Jacksonville criminal lawyer Dale Carson says give police your name and address, then shut the heck up. Saying too much to police can get you in more trouble and cause you to forfeit certain rights.

We frequently hear the question, “Can police arrest me without a warrant for my arrest?” The answer is “yes,” police can arrest you without an arrest warrant and search you or your car without a search warrant if they have probable cause. (More about warrants down below)

Regardless of whether you think police arrested you on valid charges or violated your rights, you need to say nothing except to tell them you want a lawyer. If you need a lawyer immediately, you can call Dale Carson Law at 1-904-355-6777 and get a free consultation with a Jacksonville criminal lawyer.

What to do if You are Arrested . . . Tips from a Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer and Former Cop

If you are about to be arrested . . .

  • Tell police your name, address and where you are going.
  • If you are under 18 years of age, also tell them the names of your parents.
  • Stay calm and stand up straight—not stiff and rigid, but relaxed and straight—no slouching or leaning.
  • Act respectful—Cop a ‘tude and you get screwed!
  • Answer questions in as few words as possible in order to avoid lying, acting out, fleeing or getting arrested—never lie to cops, it always ends up bad.
  • If you are accused of a crime, SAY NOTHING except to ask for a lawyer.

For more information on how to avoid being arrested, we recommend Dale Carson’s book Arrest Proof Yourself: An Ex-cop Reveals How Easy it is for Anyone to Get Arrested. You can read it online at Google Books or order a print copy at any of these sites:

Chicago Review Press



 If you have been arrested . . .

  • Do not say anything to the police, except to request a lawyer—If you cannot afford an attorney the court must appoint one for you.
  • Do not try to talk your way out of your charges—anything you say to cops can be used against you in court.
  • Do not resist—It is a crime to resist an arresting officer if he is legally arresting you.
  • Do not sign anything.
  • Advise your lawyer immediately if threatened, coerced, or forced to sign or say anything.

“Can police arrest me without a warrant for my arrest?”

If there is no warrant for your arrest, a cop cannot arrest you unless they have good reason to believe you have committed a felony crime or are in the midst of committing one. An officer can also arrest you without a warrant if you commit a misdemeanor in their presence, including fleeing, resisting or obstructing—so behave yourself when talking to a cop.

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