Charged with an Internet Crime? Lawyers at Dale Carson Law have the Investigative Resources to Fight False Allegations & Protect Your Rights

When it comes to allegations of internet related crime, lawyers at Dale Carson Law are hard to beat because of their extensive experience with data-based evidence and how such cases are prosecuted. Formerly a law enforcement officer and FBI agent, Dale Carson once prosecuted criminals in cases involving computers and the internet. He now puts that experience to use defending clients as a criminal attorney in Florida. He is joined by Florida defense attorneys Kenneth Boston, Shannon Padgett, and Christopher Carson whose unique legal experiences and skills give our clients an edge in the courtroom.

If you’ve been charged with an internet crime, lawyers at Dale Carson Law are available to speak with you free of charge. You can schedule a complimentary consultation with an internet crime lawyer on Complimentary Consults page or call Dale Carson Law today at 904-355-6777.

The Many Faces of Internet Crime and how a Lawyer can Help You

There are a wide variety of illegal activities that can be considered internet crime. Lawyers at Dale Carson Law have experience in cases involving . . .

Internet Fraud and Online Auction Fraud — Includes any means of defrauding someone of money over the internet such as email scams, online advertising scams, fraudulent auctions, or bogus web sites designed to steal money or financial information from site visitors.

Identity Theft & Phishing scams — Any attempt to get victims to surrender personal information or financial information over the internet with the intent to profit illegally.

Hacking & Offenses Against Computer Users — Unauthorized use of a computer to commit a crime or malicious efforts to deprive a computer user of their computer or computer services. Includes distributing computer viruses, hacking or using a computer without permission or for purposes for which permission was not granted by the computer’s owner.

Child Pornography — Using a computer to generate, store, receive or distribute child pornography.

Online Child Solicitation — Using a computer and/or the Internet to contact a child and solicit them for sex. If a person is charged with online child solicitation after allegedly having sex with a child, they may also face charges for lewd and lascivious behavior.

There are many ways an internet crime lawyer at Dale Carson Law can defend a client facing criminal charges related to the internet. How we defend any particular case depends on the circumstances of the case. Some of the common defenses used in internet crime cases include . . .

Material or activity is not illegal — Internet crime laws are not always clear. In some cases we may be able to prove that the material found on the defendant’s computer or the activity the defendant allegedly engaged in is not illegal and, therefore, no crime has been committed.

Unauthorized use of your computer — Sometimes a person is charged with an internet crime because someone else used their computer without permission. It’s even possible that the computer in question was accessed remotely through hacking or computer viruses to make it appear that the computer owner was the one engaged in criminal activity.

Misidentification — Tracing internet activity is difficult, especially if the real criminal is proficient at hacking. Sometimes people are falsely charged with internet crimes because police incorrectly identified the alleged criminal.

Illegal search or entrapment — Police and investigators have to follow strict rules in collecting evidence connected to internet crime. If these rules are not followed, the evidence gained may be inadmissible in court, often leaving prosecutors without a case.

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Fighting internet crime allegations is complicated. Get a reliable evaluation of your case from a criminal attorney in Florida who understands internet crimes and how to challenge evidence in an internet-related case. In Florida, defense attorneys at Dale Carson Law have the investigative resources to get to the truth of your case and challenge state evidence. You can speak with a lawyer at our firm absolutely free. It costs you nothing to receive an initial consultation. Go to our Complimentary Consults page to schedule a free consultation regarding your alleged internet crime; a lawyer will contact you.

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