When Charged with a Misdemeanor, Lawyers are More Necessary than You May Think — Attorneys at Dale Carson Law are Experienced in Fighting Charges

If you are charged with a misdemeanor, lawyers may seem unnecessary, but a misdemeanor will still go on your criminal record and you could face jail time. Battery, domestic violence, disorderly conduct, marijuana possession, drunk driving, resisting arrest without violence, prostitution and petit theft (sometimes referred to as petty theft) are misdemeanors, along with many other such crimes, and they can all result in jail time, probation and a criminal record if a Florida criminal defense firm is not defending you and protecting your rights.

While no lawyer can guarantee they will prevent a conviction, defense attorneys at Dale Carson Law have a strong track record for getting charges dropped or significantly reduced to minimize penalties. Contact one of our misdemeanor lawyers today to find out how to protect your rights and minimize penalties for petit theft or other misdemeanors. Call Dale Carson Law today at 904-355-6777.

Why Fight a Misdemeanor? Lawyers Help Keep Your Record Clean

Misdemeanor crimes are considered less serious than felony crimes and are usually handled by a county court rather than a circuit court. If convicted of a misdemeanor, a judge can sentence you to up to a year in jail, a year of probation or up to $1,000 in fines. In some cases a judge can withhold an adjudication of guilt. This will allow you to later apply to have your criminal record sealed or expunged.

If you have been charged or arrested, the best way to avoid a misdemeanor conviction and subsequent penalties is to be represented by an experienced lawyer from a reliable Florida criminal defense firm like Dale Carson Law. Our lawyers are experts in identifying and exploiting weak points in evidence and testimony. Because of previous experience in law enforcement, Dale Carson and his team know where police and investigators tend to fall short of legal requirements when gathering evidence. Often we can use these errors to get charges dropped all together or reduced to a lower charge.

Find Out More About Fighting a Misdemeanor — Lawyers at Dale Carson Law Provide Your Initial Consultation Free of Charge

Petit theft and misdemeanors of a similar nature are still crimes and convictions will go on your permanent criminal record. The Florida criminal defense firm of Dale Carson Law provides an initial consultation free of charge, so call us and find out what your rights are and how our attorneys may be able to prevent a conviction or get your charges reduced. You can schedule a free consultation with one of our misdemeanor lawyers by going to our Complimentary Consults page and telling us about your case.

Or call one of our misdemeanor lawyers at Dale Carson Law today at 904-355-6777.

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