In Florida and Jacksonville a Criminal Lawyer with Experience and Know-how is Needed to Fight Property Seizure or Forfeiture

Throughout Florida and Jacksonville, criminal lawyers need a lot of experience and need to know how police investigations work in order to effectively fight seizure of property by police. Florida drug defense lawyer Dale Carson has decades of experience working in law enforcement and knows that in trying to execute a drug arrest, police will use every opportunity to seize property in hopes of finding incriminating evidence. Imagine having your home seized by police and you forced to live out of a motel because police overheard your son’s friend schedule a drug pick-up on his cell phone. It can happen—especially if police believe your son was involved with the deal or the friend is using your house to hide drugs.

It takes a very knowledgeable and aggressive defense team to get property back from a police seizure. And believe it or not, you are the one that has to prove your property was not used in a crime. Police do not have to prove that it was—they just have to suspect that it was. This requires you to file a civil lawsuit against the law enforcement agency that seized your property.

However, Americans are still protected by the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution against “unreasonable” property seizure. Jacksonville criminal lawyer Dale Carson, because of his law enforcement experience, knows what is required to seize property by both Florida and federal agencies and where police tend to make mistakes. If you have had property, whether it is your house, your car, your cell phone or something else, call Dale Carson Law immediately so steps can be taken to get your property back quickly.

When Can Your Property be Seized? Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer Explains

According to Florida law, just about any property can be seized by police if it is suspected to have been involved in committing or attempting to commit a crime. The law does not require that the owner of the property commit or attempt to commit the crime. So if your neighbor is hiding his 25-gram stash of weed under your back porch, your whole house could be seized by the cops. Your car is even more vulnerable as it is often in your driveway or on the street where local addicts and dealers can quickly hide their dope or even a weapon in a wheel well or underneath your car.

Sound extreme? Think that’s a stretch for local cops? Think again. The sheriff in one Florida county authorized deputies to stop anyone on the street who “look like suspected drug couriers” and seize any money over $100 found on their person—regardless of whether they found them with drugs or not. The idea is that if they look like a suspected drug courier and have more than $100, it must be drug money.

Discuss Your Property Seizure for Free with an Aggressive and Experienced Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer

When dealing with seizure of property by police, you need an aggressive attorney like Dale Carson who knows how to pick apart police discrepancies. Whether your case is tied to a drug arrest and you need a Florida drug defense lawyer or you need an attorney who can get your property back in civil court, it costs you nothing to discuss your case for free with Mr. Carson. To schedule a free consultation with Jacksonville criminal lawyer Dale Carson, go to our Complimentary Consults page.

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