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Auto Accident Lawyer – Jacksonville, Florida

Handling Driver Negligence and Auto Defect Claims

If everyone behaved as they were supposed to on the road, auto accidents would be so rare they would almost be unheard of. Unfortunately, many drivers today have little regard for their own safety or the safety of others.

Have you or someone you love suffered a serious injury in an auto accident? At Dale Carson Law, we can’t turn back the clock and undo the damage that has been done, but we can offer compassionate representation to help you prepare for the future.

We Know the Rules of the Road, and Automobiles

Attorney Dale C. Carson brings a unique set of experiences to this type of law: he is both a former police officer who did traffic work in Miami, and a former mechanic for the pit crew for Brumos Racing. This means he knows how to investigate auto accident scenes and tell if an automobile was functioning correctly or was defective.

Dale C. Carson’s experience as a police officer has taught him to carefully analyze the scene of a car wreck to determine who is at fault, while his mechanical knowledge helps him determine whether auto defects played any role in the injuries. If mechanical failures contributed to your accident, Mr. Carson can represent you against powerful auto manufacturers. His experience as an attorney gives him the ability to take this knowledge and present this information persuasively to a jury.

If you or a loved one suffered a serious injury, or if you lost a loved one in a tragic, fatal accident, our lawyers can help. For a complimentary consultation with Jacksonville attorney Dale C. Carson, please call 904-355-6777 today or contact our law offices online.