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Drug Attorney Jacksonville

Our drug attorneys at Dale Carson Law, in Jacksonville, can help with different types of drug violations, such as, paraphernalia, possession, dealing, and much more.

Criminal Lawyer

When hiring a criminal lawyer, you want someone knowledgable, trustworthy, and experienced. Our attorneys at Dale Carson Law are the best criminal lawyers in Jacksonville.

traffic attorney jacksonville

A traffic attorney in Jacksonville (and everywhere around the world) helps with, you guessed it, traffic violations. But, traffic violations aren’t just speeding tickets or running stop signs.

drug defense lawyer

Drug defense lawyers help individuals charged with any drug-related violation. Drug defense lawyers are essential in any drug case.

criminal defense attorney

In the movies, courtroom scenes are often played out quite differently in comparison to real life situations. Criminal offense attorneys and others who have been in the courtroom can testify to this.

dui attorneys

Here are some astonishing facts from DUI attorneys about drinking and driving. We share these in hopes it helps someone think twice before getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

defense attorneys

In advance of the July bar exam, our defense attorneys have some thoughts for our readers who are currently in law school. We hope these tips/tricks can help!

Criminal Defense Attorneys

We want to help you feel prepared and confident in your attorney decision-making. Here is a list of great questions to ask when finding someone to represent you.

DUI Attorneys

You would think if you want to drink a bottle of wine then and then take your horse for a ride, you’d be safe from a DUI. Wrong! This example falls under the “non-automobile DUI” category.

drug attorney

Marijuana is currently legal in many states, but still illegal under Federal law. How does this work in the real world? How are drug laws written and how are the offenses prosecuted? Our defense attorneys can answer all of those questions.

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Surprisingly, Jacksonville, as a city, ranks quite low on the list of traffic fatalities in major cities.  According to insurance data compiled last year, Jacksonville ranked 110th/111 major cities for traffic fatalities caused by speeding.

teen dui lawyer

Across the United States, it’s illegal to drink and drive when legally impaired. In Florida the legal limit in a DUI case is .08% BAC. However, an individual under the age of 21 can be charged with DUI if he/she have a BAC of .02% or more.

felony lawyer

Criminal institutions across the United States rate the seriousness of a crime by category. Our felony lawyer believes it is important to share the difference between the three major categories used in the justice system; misdemeanor, felony, and infraction.

criminal lawyer

While Halloween may look a little different this year, with everyone wearing some kind of mask, we can count on one thing being the same; crime will spike on October 31st. So, even if you don’t believe in black cats and zombies rising from the dead, it’s still a good idea to take precautions.

cyber security

With online crime regulations varying by state, it may not be clear what constitutes a cyber crime in Florida. The criminal defense attorneys at Dale Carson Law want you to be in the know.

Understanding the new rules and regulations of edibles, will help ensure a smooth adoption of treatment plans and continued patient safety.

Let’s talk about some rules and regulations related to Super Bowl. And, no, we’re not talking about the football game itself. Let’s talk about gambling, drinking, and eating.

The decision to drink and drive can result in someone spending days dealing with court dates, cost thousands of dollars and can result in many other personal and professional consequences.

traffic ticket lawyer

Depending on your state’s traffic point system, and the severity of your offense, you risk adding points to your license. Or, even worse, having your license suspended.

domestic violence attorney jacksonville

Our Jacksonville Domestic Violence Attorneys want to educate you on domestic violence. Here are the signs, and what you can do to stay safe.


Juvenile crimes, such as possession, are very common. If your child is facing juvenile drug charges, an attorney can be useful in guiding your family through the system.


Do you actually know what your Miranda rights are? Do you understand why they are so important? Our attorney at law wants to make sure you’re fully educated and aware of all your rights, including Miranda rights.


As your local DUI attorneys, and voice of reason, we want you to know of a few scenarios that could land you a DUI if you aren’t careful. Each state has its own law and interprets the “D” (driving) in DUI differently.

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Unfortunately, it’s that time of year again for hurricanes. We’re here to help enhance your understanding of hurricanes and what you should do before and after if you’re at risk of coming face-to-face with one.


Speeding is one of the most common traffic violations in Florida, and we all do it. Whether it’s one mile over the speed limit or 15, people are constantly speeding.


Even in the gun-friendly state of Florida, there are gun rules to follow. As a result, our criminal defense attorney wants you to know if you fail to obey these laws, you will face penalties.


You need a top criminal law firm that puts an attorney on your case who has a vast range of knowledge and skills. Find out the characteristics of a top law firm by clicking the link below.


When you are arrested, innocent or not, our defense attorney suggests confirming your identity and that’s it. Defending yourself will likely make your case much more difficult to defend.