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Quinlyn R.   11
Mr. Carson and Mr. Roberts are both wonderful attorney’s and they completely understand the stress a client is under. Almost 4 months of waiting can seem like years but, all in all I couldn’t have chosen a better team to represent me. Mrs. Carson is also a wonderful person and is very helpful with getting questions answered and even just listening when you’re overwhelmed. If you’ve considering this law firm and they’re able to handle your case, look no further than Dale Carson Law!
Kendra H.  
Dale Carson Law not only met, but EXCEEDED my expectations. If you are looking for an attorney, let me make this easy for you. i received a ticket that would’ve left me with 4 points on my license, a mandatory court date, plus the ticket and court fines. After having Dale Carson Law represent me, I was left with NO POINTS and a court fine, (which is MINUSCULE compared to what i would’ve been paying in insurance costs because of those points). They appeared in court on my behalf, I didn’t even have to call out of work. I cannot recommend them enough, the interview was not only quick and honest, but it was extremely informational. To say the entire staff is friendly would be an understatement. All of my questions were answered, my mind was put at ease as I agreed to let them handle my case. It was the BEST decision EVER. Did I mention I now have NO POINTS!?!!! Thank you Dale Carson Law.
Bijou R.  

I received 2 speeding citations barely 30 days apart on the same road. I set a hearing date set for 1:30 in the afternoon which I showed up for to contest it since there was no visible speed limit sign on the road. I figured could try convince the Judge it was unjust. I waited some time there but it got to where I had to inform the Baliff my children were getting out of school and I had to be at the house for them. His response was “It;s your choice ma’am if you want your license suspended” I was lost and didn’t know where to start on the mess I was in… I recalled I gotten a flyer in the mail from Carson law firm. I located it and called them up explaining the whole situation.

They were very informative on what i could expect and what my options were. I had to get the hearing date re set and was told it’ll all be taken care of.

A month later I received the results that even with both of those citations there would be NO points added to my license and no driving classes! I think that’s a divine miracle I’m beyond grateful for. They even advised me over the phone that to do about an additional red light camera ticket received in the mail (when it rains it pours)

I would recommend Carson law firm to family or friends and anyone wanting fast, affordable and desirable results! Thank you so much!

Jenepher M.  
Chris Carson represented my boyfriend on a Citation he received that could have really affected his CDL. He killed it in the courtroom! Great job Chris! It’s was fun watching you work your Magic!
Rodney S.  
I called Chris in reference to an employee who had a legal “problem”. Chris took several minutes to look up the info we needed and then several more minutes to explain to us what everything meant. Very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. I would recommend Carson Law to anyone who is looking for honest representation.