Tremendous Depth of Experience at Dale Carson Law

"The talented former prosecutors in my office understand why some cases go forward and why others are dropped. Let our attorneys convince the government there are better alternatives to prosecution."

-Dale C. Carson

Few law firms can claim as much depth of knowledge and experience as the Jacksonville attorneys of Dale Carson Law. Our attorneys have nearly 30 years of combined prosecutorial experience, and nearly 60 years of legal experience in addition to our experience successfully defending individuals against criminal charges. Knowing how cases against clients have been constructed, they also know the best ways to prove innocence or find reasonable doubt.

It helps that Dale C. Carson worked as a criminal investigator for more than 20 years. He has served as a police officer, state attorney investigator, SWAT team member and hostage negotiator, as a railroad detective, a private investigator and was a special agent with the FBI. He has spent decades gathering evidence — and evidence is the fabric of every prosecutor's case. As a result he knows the system and its weaknesses, from end to end.

In addition to practicing law, Mr. Carson is also a licensed private investigator. He has also taught police officers and FBI agents interview interrogation techniques, the psychology of sex crimes and other courses, at the police academy and the Glynco Federal Training Facility. Find more detailed information about our lawyers at their profile links below:
Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney - Dale Carson
Dale Carson


Dale Carson, son of former Duval County Sheriff Dale Carson, had a distinguished career in law enforcement as a Miami-Dade County police officer and as a special agent of the FBI.

Jacksonville DUI Lawyer - Kenneth Boston
Kenneth O. Boston


Kenneth O. Boston served for nearly 23 years as a trial attorney and division chief with the Florida State Attorney

Jacksonville Traffic Tickets Attornet - Chris Carson
Chris Carson


Dale Christopher Carson, “Chris” eldest son of Dale Carson, brings an exciting level of youth and energy to Dale Carson law.

Jacksonville Personal Injury Attorney - Shannon Padgett
Shannon H. Padgett


Shannon Padgett has been an associate attorney with the firm since 2006. She has been awarded the firm’s coveted “Top Negotiator Award,” as a result of her tireless fight for her clients’ rights.

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