Criminal Defense

If you're looking for a Criminal Defense Attorney in Jacksonville, FL, go to the firm with the most investigative and criminal law experience in the state.

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 DUI Lawyer

Need a DUI lawyer in Jacksonville, FL? Dale Carson Law has an extraordinary group of attorneys that can fight and beat your drunk driving charges.

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 Drug Attorney

Do not make the one mistake that most people make if they are being arrested for or convicted of the drug crime. Make sure your lawyer has this experience.

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 Traffic Tickets

Do not allow your driving record to be tarnished by unneeded traffic violation points. Get a lawyer that can help you beat the charges and your traffic ticket.

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Former FBI Agent at Dale Carson Law in Jacksonville, FL handles criminal defense, DUI/Drugs, traffic issues, personal injury, civil litigation, and more.

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Our Team

Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney - Dale Carson
Dale Carson


Dale C. Carson is a former FBI special agent and police officer that now uses his knowledge of the law to fight for your rights.

Jacksonville DUI Lawyer - Kenneth Boston
Kenneth O. Boston


Kenneth O. Boston worked with the FLorida State Attorneys office for almost 23 years acting as Division Chief and Trial Attorney.

Jacksonville Traffic Tickets Attornet - Chris Carson
Chris Carson


D. Christopher Carson worked for the Public Defender’s Office of the Fourth Judicial Circuit as an investigator. He is the eldest son of Dale C. Carson

Ronnie Roberts
Ronnie L. Roberts


Ronnie graduated from the University of North Florida with a major in Political Science and minor in Public Administration. 

Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney

At Dale Carson Law, our criminal defense lawyers have rich experience and expertise to handle even the most complicated criminal defense cases. Each attorney has an extensive background, and uses innovative strategies to handle criminal defense cases in Jacksonville. Our lawyers have been providing clients with the supportive, strong defense required to protect their rights against all kinds of criminal charges. From drug trafficking and DUI to sex crimes and murder, Dale Carson Law has handled all kinds of cases. In fact, we bring more investigative and criminal law experience to the courtroom than any other law firm in Florida.

In case you are facing any criminal charges, it is important to understand and protect your rights. Thus, you need to secure the best criminal defense for yourself. Dale Carson is a former law enforcement officer with both Federal and State agencies and author of Arrest-Proof Yourself. Thus, he understands the legal process. He can also point out the weak points and flaws in police investigations. This allows him to exploit such details in your defense. Other criminal defense attorneys at Dale Carson Law use a wide range of strategic concepts and experiences to build a strong case in your favor.

Dale Carson Law Never Backs Away From Trial

When you are not willing to fight for your rights, you are not able to protect them. Most criminal defense firms shy away from complicated trials, and negotiate plea bargains. The lawyers in these firms get stuck with unfair bargains because prosecutors already know the defense would not go to trial. On the other hand, Dale Carson Law handles around 10 trials every year, Prosecutors never offer unfair bargains to our clients. They understand the case will be put to test in a court of law by our experienced criminal defense attorneys.

Recently, our experienced lawyers Kenneth Boston and Shannon Padgett freed two brothers from unfair Cocaine Trafficking charges. The brothers were up for life imprisonment if found guilty. However, they insisted on being innocent. The Dale Carson Law team conducted an extensive research that revealed some critical mistakes in the police investigation. Our research was able to discredit the prosecution witnesses’ testimonies. The brother were found innocent by the jury, and had a new chance at their lives. Currently, they are happily living with their families rather than being locked up in prison.

Our lawyers can handle a wide range of criminal defense cases, including :

Protect Your Rights

If you have been charged with a criminal case, it may ruin your life. You might be imprisoned for a long time. This may keep you away from your loved ones, and other comforts of life. Even if you committed a crime, it is likely that you are regretting the bad choices. Our justice system has been designed in a manner to give second chances to people who truly regret certain decisions and choices. Moreover, the legal process is complicated, and there are always errors from the prosecutors and cops. Therefore, when you’ve been charged, it doesn’t mean you have to settle with what others decide for you. You should take a stand and fight against the charges. It’s important to protect your rights, and make sure you live life on your terms.

In order to protect your rights against criminal charges, you should call our experienced criminal defense attorneys. It’s important to understand that the cops in Florida are trained to investigate later, and arrest first. If you’re charged or arrested with a crime, it doesn’t mean you’re guilty. However, it means you need to protect your rights.

When it comes to Florida criminal law, you won’t find a more experienced firm than Dale Carson Law.

If you want to schedule a free consultation, you should visit our Complimentary Consults page. You can also give us a call on 904-355-6777 to get in touch with an experienced criminal defense attorney. We don’t consider any case too big or small. We make sure you receive all the help you need. Our experienced lawyers represent clients in the best possible manner to try and reduce the sentence or win the case.

DUI Lawyer in Jacksonville, FL

DUI Attorney and Defense Lawyer Dale C. Carson has been working for many years in Jacksonville. His team has been able to gather extensive experience and expertise in fighting drunk driving charges, unnecessary license suspensions, and all kinds of other traffic offenses. His team always aims to get the charges reduced or dismissed so clients can avoid jail sentences, suspensions, high insurance premiums, license suspensions and other kinds of DUI penalties.

In case you’ve been charged with a DUI case or some other traffic offense, it’s important to protect your rights. Thus, you need an experienced drunk driving lawyer in Florida. The ones working at Dale Carson Law have rich experience to handle all kinds of drunk driving charges and other traffic offenses. On our Complimentary Consults page, you can easily schedule a free consultation with an experienced Jacksonville DUI lawyer at Dale Carson Law.

Hire an Experienced Jacksonville DUI Attorney to Beat the Charges

DUI was formerly referred to as DWI. Such drunk driving charges depend on presenting strong evidence that generates reasonable doubt about you being intoxicated while driving. During the process of collecting evidence, there’s a chance of committing numerous errors. If the errors can be found, there’s a possibility that the evidence can be discredited during a trial.

However, when you don’t challenge the DUI charges against you, the cops don’t need to prove they were right. In order to prove yourself innocent, you should call a Drunk Driving Attorney in Florida right now. Dale Carson Law IS your best choice. We will explain how you can beat the charges, and avoid harsh DUI penalties.

Most people think traffic charges are just a minor inconvenience. However, when these charges are accumulated, they can lead to the suspension of the driver’s license. There’s no need to just sit back, and get your license suspended. Just like Drunk Driving charges, traffic violation charges also need to be proven in court. At times, evidence with the cops may not be sufficient to build a strong case against you.

When the cops don’t have strong evidence, they realize they can’t prove anything. Thus, they may settle for reduced charges or drop the case. This can help you prevent a license suspension, and keep some points off the legal record. Even when the license has already been suspended, you can challenge the suspension, and restore a clean legal record. Our firm has done it for many clients, and our experienced lawyers might be able to do it for you. Just give us a call at 904-355-6777.

Dale Carson Law has always used the extensive experience and expertise of its lawyers to provide a wide range of services. Our lawyers can handle many different types of cases.

Some of the most common ones include :

Our highly experienced and skilled DUI lawyers can represent you in court to make sure you’re able to avoid suspension of the driver’s license and DUI penalties. At Dale Carson Law, we employ only experienced and reputed DUI lawyers to protect you against drunk driving charges.

Jacksonville Drug Attorney

A drug offense is among the crimes which is heavily prosecuted in the world of criminal law, and can result in hefty consequences. The biggest mistake you can make after a charge of criminal drug offense is hiring a drug attorney who has no experience in the section of drug crimes. For more than a decade, our law firm has backed several innocent people and defended their rights in the court. We have studied drug crimes and the various circumstances surrounding it and are aware of how enforcement agencies make the innocent individual “confess” of a drug crime they haven’t committed.

If you have been wrongfully accused of drug offenses and wish to seek justice, our drug attorney will protect your rights against drug trafficking as well as other charges related to illegal drug possession. No matter the charges are for street drug possession or possession of prescription drugs, federal law enforcers have their way of making individuals commit to their use and trafficking as well. Hence it is necessary that you have a drug lawyer by your side during the interrogation to protect your rights. With our years of expertise in the field of drug crimes, our legal advisors can be just what you need to save yourself a lot of money and possibly even jail time.

Drug Crimes Related Aspects You Must Know

The information below shows you the different forms of drug charges that can be enforced on an individual. If you have been charged with any form of drug crime, you should be aware of the following information.

Possession can be considered equal to drug trafficking

If you are in possession of a drug personally, in your home, in your car or anywhere in your proximity, it may result directly in a drug trafficking charge. The police are not required to prove that the drugs were being sold by you.

The penalty is increased if drugs were sold near schools

If the law enforcements are able to prove that the delivery or selling of drugs was made by you in proximity (1,000 feet) of a school, public housing, public park, church or a daycare center, the drug trafficking charges can be up to $10,000 and 15 years in prison could be added to the sentence.

The sentence can increase if the person it is a repeat conviction

Your punishment sentence will most probably be harsher if you have already been convicted for drug crime in the past. First-time offenders are often shown leniency by the judges.

Federal charges mean severe sentences

The minimum prison sentence for a federal charge of having one thousand marijuana plants is 10 years, which is more than thrice the minimum sentence charged by a State court. You must contact a drug attorney immediately if you are being charged in a federal court.

Property forfeiture could be a result of drug trafficking convictions

Drug conviction is a serious criminal act, so the consequences go past prison time and heavy fines. If the police believe that your belongings such as your home, car, money and other properties are associated with the drug trafficking business, it may result in forfeiture.

The sentence increases if convicted of conspiracy

If you are convicted of distributing, delivering or selling drugs on behalf of a criminal organization or a gang your sentence will be severe. Moreover, if you have conspired with other individuals and supplied them with drugs to sell, the sentence will be harsher.

How Are Your Rights Defended By A Drug Attorney?

With our defense attorney, your case will be stronger as we are trained in several strategies that can be used to weaken the drug possession and trafficking case of the prosecutor. As an experienced drug attorney, we are aware of the exploiting techniques used by prosecutors and know the right way to overturn the charges made.

  • We create a comprehensive investigation of the drug charge, considering all the factors involved.
  • Our drug attorney prepares extensively for the trial, and even in the situation of misdemeanor drug charges.
  • Our drug attorney has a specific approach, understanding that each individual has the right to defense representation, even if they are already in legal custody.

If you have been charged with drug possession and trafficking and want to exercise your right of legal representation for justice, our drug attorneys can assist you at every step of your case.

Call us right away at (904) 355-6777 to get the best drug attorney working on your case in no time.

Traffic Tickets Lawyer in Jacksonville, FL

Fighting your traffic tickets with the assistance of a licensed attorney is the best way to ensure no legal charges will remain on your license, and that your driving record remains clean. Dale Carson Law Firm, a firm specializing in Jacksonville criminal defense cases, a leading team of attorneys will work to eliminate traffic tickets and citations you have received. Dale Carson is a former FBI agent and law enforcement officer; for this reason he knows where to spot issues cops make when handing out tickets, which can result in your ticket being dismissed when you turn to his firm for legal advice and assistance.

For those who have received tickets for driving while intoxicated or while under the influence, it is important to understand your rights and charges against you.

The following articles will help guide you, and give you more in depth knowledge of how these infractions work:

Always Plead "Not Guilty" - If not, lawyers won't be able to defend your legal case.

Most drivers simply pay traffic tickets when they receive them; this is because most drivers aren't aware of the legal rights they have. Most don't understand that by simply paying the fine, they are pleading guilty to the charges. What this does is it places points on your driving record. A number of repercussions will arise from these points, and it doesn't stop at just paying the traffic fine. By simply paying, rather than fighting a ticket.

Some costs you may incur include:

  • Being listed as a habitual offender.
  • Increased insurance costs with most insurance providers.
  • Eventually having your license suspended for a period of time, once a certain amount of points accumulates.
  • Eventually having your driving privileges eliminated, by having your license revoked.

At Dale Carson Law Firm, we suggest to our clients that the best route to take upon receiving a traffic ticket is to plead not guilty to it. This does mean you will have to go to court. But, with a well experienced lawyer by your side, you will be able to fight the ticket, and charges that are presented against you in the traffic ticket. All traffic tickets are fact specific, meaning cops will list a series of facts to prove the reasoning behind your ticket; when you go to court, as opposed to simply paying the fine, you have the opportunity to disprove certain facts.

With an experienced traffic law firm like Dale Carson Law, you will have an individual who knows how to dismantle and break down each fact, in order to disprove the officer who gave you the ticket, and show how mistakes were made by that officer. Once this is done, the court can help in protecting your legal rights as a driver.

A number of outcomes may occur based on the court's findings; these include:

  • Lower fines and penalties than the original ticket given by the officer.
  • No points will be assessed to your driving record.
  • The judgment will possibly be withheld in court.
  • Outright dismissal of the traffic citations if enough facts are disproved, and the judge finds you were not at fault.

Are you a CDL Driver?

Is your license or career at risk because of any traffic tickets or citations? If so a lawyer from Dale Carson Law can help you -
As a CDL driver, traffic tickets can put your career at risk. When points accumulate, you will eventually have your license suspended, and this may eventually result in outright loss of your CDL license and driving privileges. You don't have to sit back and take the tickets; rather, you can work with a licensed professional from the Dale Carson law firm, to help mitigate damages, help remove points from your license, and potentially help have certain citations removed. With a free initial consultation a lawyer from Dale Carson will let you know what your rights are, how they will fight the tickets, and help you win your case.

The legal team in Florida, working for Dale Carson law firm have several years combined experience, helping clients defeat traffic tickets, preventing points from accumulating, and assisting clients avoid the loss of their driving privileges. If you have received any citation, contact a lawyer from the Dale Carson Law firm, to discuss your options, and learn about your rights, in an attempt to fight traffic tickets you have recently received, and to keep a clean driving record.