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"If you just need any lawyer, then any lawyer will do. But when you are looking for a key attorney, you want someone who understands not only the system, but how it works and who the players are…when you need the skill and knowledge gained from over three decades of experience in all aspects of law enforcement, you need Dale Carson Law."

-Dale C. Carson

Just because you've been arrested and charged with a crime, does not mean you are guilty. But you do need help, and you need it quickly. Dale Carson Law provides that help, fast!

Please call 904-355-6777 or contact our offices online, for a complimentary initial consultation with Dale C. Carson, a former police officer, FBI agent, State Attorney's Office investigator and private investigator, who has the background and the knowledge from decades of investigative experience to support your case like no other firm.

At the first meeting, Dale C. Carson will help inform you of your rights and just exactly what you are up against. Until then, remember this:
  • Don't talk to the police, except to say you want a lawyer. Don't try to talk your way out of your charges, it can cause more harm than good.
  • It is a crime to resist an arresting officer, if he is legally arresting you.
  • Hiring the right lawyer can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case - consider it an investment in protecting your freedom, and rights.
  • Call 904-355-6777 today and let us protect your rights.

Dale Carson Law handles criminal defense cases as well as family law, personal injury, juvenile crime, traffic issues, civil litigation, and more. Find a complete listing of our services on our practice areas page.

More Than Just a Lawyer

Dale C. Carson
understands the criminal justice system from multiple perspectives: as a trial lawyer, an FBI agent, police officer, detective, SWAT team member, undercover operative and private investigator. He also worked with the US. Department of Justice in Jacksonville, and has taught police officers and FBI agents. He teaches interview interrogation techniques, the psychology of sex crimes and other courses, through classes at the police academy and the Glynco Federal Training Facility.

His more than three decades of experience gives him an advantage leveraging his clients' rights, time and again, to beat unfair charges and achieve extraordinary outcomes. He is also the author of Arrest-Proof Yourself, which is required reading for anyone wanting to avoid unnecessary interactions with the law.

We Know How Prosecutors Operate

In addition to Dale Carson,

Kenneth O. Boston brings more than 20 years of experience as a prosecutor and division chief with the Office of the State Attorney, Fourth Judicial Circuit.

Shannon H. Padgett
joined our firm in 2006 after four years as a prosecutor with the Office of the State Attorney, Fourth Judicial Circuit.

Taken together, our attorneys have nearly 60 years of legal experience and nearly 30 years of prosecutorial experience. With this experience, Dale Carson Law is a powerful advocate for clients needing the very best defense.