My license was suspended. How do I reinstate it?

License suspensions can actually be a very complex area in the state of Florida. Sometimes, resolving a drivers’ license can be as simple as paying an outstanding fine or a court cost then going down to DMV and reinstating your license. Other times, there can actually be various steps taken by lawyers to assist in that process. If someone has a license that has some serious underlying issues – let’s say they have been designated what’s called a Habitual Traffic Offender – then there may actually be a necessity that we go back and deal with some of the older cases, to appeal them or set them aside in order to permit them to get a license at all. So some drivers’ license circumstances can be very straightforward; some can be very complex; some are somewhere in the middle. For the straightforward ones, it’s not always necessary to even have a lawyer. Sometimes you can simply go down to DMV and they’ll tell you, hey, go pay this fine, or just take a very basic step. Which really anyone can do. In other circumstances, it can be very complex, and can absolutely require the assistance of an attorney.

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