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Criminal Defense

If you’re looking for a Criminal Defense Attorney in Jacksonville, FL, go to the firm with the most investigative and criminal law experience in the state.


Need a DUI lawyer in Jacksonville, FL? Dale Carson Law has an extraordinary group of attorneys that can fight and beat your drunk driving charges.

Drug Trafficking

Do not make the one mistake that most people make if they are being arrested for or convicted of the drug crime. Make sure your lawyer has this experience.

Traffic Tickets

Do not allow your driving record to be tarnished by unneeded traffic violation points. Get a lawyer that can help you beat the charges and your traffic ticket.



criminal defense attorneys

Dale Carson Law is a dedicated criminal defense firm with over 67 years of combined experience. Former FBI agent Dale Carson and his team of highly experienced attorneys defend clients against all criminal matters from petit theft to first degree murder, as well as traffic and driver license issues. The criminal defense attorneys at Dale Carson Law have the experience, background and strategies to provide the strong, supportive defense necessary to protect your rights against even the most severe criminal charges.


Dale C. Carson

Kenneth O. Boston

D. Christopher Carson

Ronald L. Roberts, Jr

Jessica K. Goldsborough

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Schedule a Complimentary Consultation on your criminal matter today. Dale Carson Law is dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals. We bring a depth of criminal law experience, plus a level of excellence in the work we do that is unmatched within virtually any other Florida law firm. Our lawyers go the extra mile to provide personal service, while treating all clients with dignity and respect. Thank you for considering us to handle your legal matter. For a  consultation with attorney Dale C. Carson or another lawyer at our firm, please call 904-355-6777. We look forward to helping you.

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Dale Carson Law is dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals.


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