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Post Conviction Relief — Your Last Chance to Overturn a Conviction; Dale Carson Law can Help Ensure Your Success if Your Case is Eligible

Post conviction relief is a defendant’s last opportunity to overturn an unjust criminal conviction when all available appeals have been exhausted. However, special circumstances must apply to your case to be eligible for this opportunity. In Florida, criminal law attorneys at Dale Carson Law can help you determine whether your case is eligible. If your case is a capital case or federal case heard in Florida, federal criminal attorneys from our firm can help you as well.


Not every lawyer is willing or qualified to pursue cases of this nature. They can put strains on relationships between attorneys and require a great deal of skill. Our attorneys have achieved favorable results in many of these cases and are not afraid to challenge the legality of court decisions or skills of other lawyers to protect the rights of our clients. Contact Dale Carson Law to discuss post conviction relief possibilities today at 904-355-6777.

How to Know if Post Conviction Relief is an Option for You

Before pursuing relief from a criminal conviction, you must have exhausted all opportunities for an appeal. This can happen one of three ways:

  1. You appealed, but the conviction was upheld
  2. You appealed but the appellate court refused to hear your appeal
  3. The 30-day time limit for filing an appeal has expired 

If your appeal was unsuccessful or you are not eligible for appeal, you may be able to file a motion for post conviction relief if at least one of the following circumstances applies:

  • New evidence was recently discovered that may exonerate you and was not known about at the time of trial
  • The original conviction or sentence was illegal
  • Your trial attorney was inept or negligent in defending you
  • You pleaded guilty but the plea was not freely and voluntarily entered
  • You were previously tried for the same crime and not convicted, therefore your conviction should have been prohibited
  • Your conviction now makes you subject to deportation from the country

If your case is eligible to pursue post conviction relief, you must file the motion within two years after your appeal is complete or your time limit for filing appeal expires. If you are filing the motion based on new evidence, you have two years from the time the evidence is discovered to file your motion.

Receive Free Consultation Regarding Your Eligibility for Post Conviction Relief from Dale Carson Law

Florida criminal law attorneys at Dale Carson Law are experienced in handling post-conviction cases and have had many criminal convictions overturned as a result. Not all Florida and federal criminal attorneys will take a post-conviction case. These cases are complex and every argument must be presented precisely and accurately. These cases frequently cause conflicts with other attorneys or judges because often the filing alleges misconduct or error on the part of the trial attorney or trial judge. Attorneys at Dale Carson Law are more concerned with protecting defendants’ rights and keeping lives from being destroyed by unjust convictions.


If you think you have reason to pursue a post-conviction case for relief, you can speak with a Dale Carson Law attorney free of charge. We will help you determine if this course of action is likely to benefit you. To schedule a free consultation regarding post conviction relief options, go to our Complimentary Consults page.


Or call Dale Carson Law today at 904-355-6777.


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